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Account Opening Checklist
  • Individual & Joint Account
  • Hong Kong Incorporated
  • Overseas Incorporated

Checklist For Individual & Joint Account 個人及聯名帳戶核對清單



Account Application Form



(For Margin Account如屬孖展帳戶)


Letter of Authorization to dispose of, lend or deposit securities and/or securities collateral




Please Provide the following supporting documents需要提供文件


(1) Valid Identity Card or Passport Copy



(2)  Residential address proof and correspondence address proof (if different from residential address) within last 3 months* Such as utility bills (e.g. water bills or electricity bill, etc), bank statements or credit card statements.




(3) Bank Account Proof (e.g. bank statement or bank passbook, etc) (if necessary)

銀行戶口証明(例如銀行月結單或存摺等) (如有需要)


Please Provide the following documents if necessary 如有需要請提供以下文件

(4)  Client Money Standing Authority

   *Please sign for authorizing us to transfer money between Securities and Futures account



(5) General Knowledge on Derivatives Product

       *Please read and sign for trading Derivative Products if client has no knowledge on Structure/Derivative Products



(6) W-8BEN Form (declare of non- U.S. Person) /
      W-9 Form (declare the U.S. taxpayer status)

      (*Please sign for trading US Stock and to be provided

      by all joint account owners)

美國W-8BEN表格(申報不是美國人士) /


(7) Electronic Trading Quotation Service Application Form

   *Real time quotation service



(8) SCB CAS Sub-Account Banking Service Subscription Form

   *SCB CAS Sub-Account Banking Service for fund deposits by clients



(9) ICBC Smart Account Banking Service Subscription Form

   *ICBC Smart Account Banking Sub-Account Service for fund deposits by clients




Notes 注意事項

1: The Account Executives should check the ORIGINAL and certify the copy of all of the above HKID Cards / Passports submitted by Clients and sign on the copy documents and state his / her name, SFC CE number and the certified date thereon.


2:  Any amendment must be initialed by Clients.



3.  Cash or Third-party deposit/ cheques are not accepted



4.  Apart from the above documents, we shall have the right to request additional documents from the Clients if necessary.